Invoice financing

Unlock cash tied up in long invoice payment terms. Borrow against your outstanding invoices, and let us take over the collections process, freeing you up to concentrate on growing your business. Clients won’t see any difference to your service, and you can benefit from an immediate cash injection to enable you to trade without the constraints of slow-paced debtors.

Diaspora worked with a UK-based elderly care provider provides services to care homes run by local councils and the national healthcare service. It currently sends carers and nursing staff for care homes, and provides a reconciliation of service hours provided and an aggregated invoice to the national healthcare service at the end of each month. Standard payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.

Seller Diaspora Finance

Admin Diaspora Finance


Seller can view all the invoices that is traded on the platform, along with other metrics like wallet balance, transactions, chat with investors. Setup password less login with Google 2 Factor Auth and many other things.


Buyers can view the pending invoice and a success invoice in the invoice box can also view the invoices doc and pay the payment to the seller with Payment Gateway account. Setup password less login with Google 2 Factor Auth and many other things.


Our investor is always back by assets they bid on the invoice of the company which they want to bid and deposit the amount by the Payment Gateway. Investor can view the total deposit balance, Number of bids done on invoice, Number of Accepted/Rejected and pending bid and their Wallets balance.